NIKKEN Product Overview

5 th Axis CNC Rotary Tables



Monoblock high performance main spindle

Ion-nitrided worm wheel HV1100

Special steel/carbide worm-screw system

■ Ultra-precision index accuracy available as an option ■ Long life durability and performance from entirely NIKKEN manufactured components ■ Bespoke work-holding available

Large 5 th Axis Range Table Diameter -

Ø550 ~ 1200mm 3430 ~ 19600Nm

Clamping Torque - Rotation Speed -

5.5 ~ 25min¯¹

5AX-1200 Large 5 th Axis Table Diameter of Table


Clamping System


Rotary 14700Nm

Tilting 19600Nm

Extended Scope To further enhance your productivity, in addition to our standard range of rotary tables, we also provide a choice of multi-spindle options. Available for both our single axis and twin axis rotaries we have a wide range of diameters and pitches to suit any demand.

Clamping Torque

Minimum Increment


Rotary 20sec (±5)

Tilting 60sec (±10)

Indexing Accuracy

Max Work Load on the Table Driving Torque

0-30° 2500Kg

30-90° 1500Kg



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