NIKKEN Product Overview


NIKKEN offer a complete range of work holding and fixturing accessories to suit any application to increase the productivity and scope of your platform. Whether it’s a standard, off-the-shelf centring vice or fully bespoke fixturing package, our team of skilled engineers are available to create a package to suit your process for either direct supply or as part of a full turn-key solution. Popular setups include but are not limited to; vices (with various jaw options), tombstones, pallets, trunnion setups and rail systems, all fully zero-point compatible to ensure optimal efficiency, accuracy and repeatability, in addition to being available to view at our Innovation Centre.

Both our own and our partner manufactured accessories and equipment are available on a fast turnaround.

NIKKEN trunnions allow positioning and holding of single workpieces, multiple workpieces or even vices for significantly increased productivity and workflow. This solution has been developed to allow any single axis rotary table to be adapted quickly and easily, in conjunction with a suitable support, like NIKKEN’s TAT solution. Our trunnions are suitable for practically every requirement, machine tool and bed length and are available in a variety of designs and lengths to meet any need. Trunnion



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