NIKKEN Product Overview

NIKKEN EU SHRINK FIT Precision Tooling

We are delighted to launch the ultimate Shrink-Fit solution under our new & exclusive brand for Europe, NIKKEN eu. Developed and manufactured using carefully selected materials and processes, our latest tool holding range has been designed to meet the demands of any application requirement in the most competitive markets.


Precise tool holder balancing for improved surface finishes.

■ Superior tool run-out of less than 0.003mm. ■ Greater rigidity with cutting tool shank gripped at 360 degrees for the whole bore length. ■ Front bore recess to ease tool loading, reduce shrinking heat and optimise tool holder life. ■ All benefits combined provide better distribution of the chip load along the cutting edge and ultimately increased tool life.

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NIKKEN EU Shrink Fit is available with an adaptable coolant version. This design allows for coolant supply through the tool or around the cutting edges by the simple use of 3 sealing bolts. Internal Coolant Option


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