NIKKEN Product Overview

V-Ex Vacuum Extractor

V-EX Vacuum Extractor

The cost-effective solution to efficient in-process waste extraction.

Machining non-metallic materials gernerates a lot of waste by- product and dust. These potentially abrasive particles accelerate the wear of machine tool components, and create a health risk through dust inhalation.

Extracting these particales prolongs machine tool life and ensures compliance with health and safety regulatons.

Existing extraction solutions, however, can add up to 10% to the cost of a new machining centre, detering manufacturers from entering the market for machining materials like composites, plastics and foams, which produce a large amount of dust.

To address the problem, NIKKEN has devolped an innovative, low-cost vacuum extraction system that can be retrofitted to any machinining centre. With no need for a power supply and no moving parts, the V-Ex is suitable for both wet and dry cutting conditions. With the ability to handle many different particle types and sizes, including conductive dusts, this makes V-EX is a perfect low-cost solution for any non-metallic machining operation.


■ A cost effective, retrofittable solution to dust and particle removal for new and existing machining centres. ■ Significantly reduces damage and wear caused by abrasive waste materials.

■ Suitable for both wet and dry cutting applications. ■ Addresses health risks posed by dust inhalation. ■ Promotes a smooth cutting operation by removing waste from the cutting zone. ■ Requires only an air supply, and can be coupled to many existing extraction systems.


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