NIKKEN Product Overview

Modular Boring System

RAC Advanced Boring NIKKEN RAC Boring Heads feature a precision ground serration, giving perfect contact and balance between the holder and head. The RAC system provides the rigidity and stability to cater for larger diameter boring operations, including roughing and semi-finishing.



■ Both cartridges feature precision ground V form slideways to support each other to negate cutting forces ■ Suitable for double cutting and stepped cutting (option) ■ Cartridges available to suit various insert styles ■ Modular Range: Ø25 ~ 130mm ■ Large Range: Ø130 ~ 580mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Perfomance & Rigidity

Double cutting with twin, self supporting cartridges Precision ground “V” form slideways (NIKKEN scram)

Numerous cartridge options for different

materials and processes Available for any machine spindle by using a NIKKEN Q26 modular base holder

Balance-Cut RAK/RPC Arbor & Blade For demands from Ø130~580mm, our Balance-Cut blade system is adopted (now also available in our new lightweight aluminium Alpha configuration). Both solutions incorporate many of the characteristics of the standard modular RAC with the rigidity necessary for larger diameters. Balance-Cut is also available as a ZMAC finishing solution, and both options can be configured for high-pressure coolant.


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