NIKKEN Product Overview

Modular Boring System

DJ Boring Adopting two sizes of head and an ever increasing range of boring bits, the DJ Boring System provides the versatility and range to cater for smaller diameter boring processes. The system allows micron accuracy and caters for any requirement by simply replacing the boring bit itself.



Versatile and easy to use

Carbide boring bits negate vibration

■ Straight forward accurate adjustment ■ Compatible with alternative boring bits ■ New DJ 8 reduction sleeve - 16mm to 10mm ■ Boring Range: Ø3 ~ 50mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Versatility in Boring Extensive range covered by a wide variety of boring bits Easy to set micron accuracy Graduation main dial is 0.01mm/dia. Vernier reading is 0.005mm Available for any machine spindle by using a NIKKEN Q26 modular base holder

DJ Boring Bits A versatile range of boring bits with carbide dampening are available from stock, either individually or

included within complete sets.


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