NIKKEN Product Overview

Enhanced Tooling

Anniversary VC Holder


VC is our solution for tougher milling and drilling processes. Incorporating many proven features and construction elements from the Slim Chuck, we have enhanced the whole product with a focus on performance.


■ Strengthened nut and increased body wall thickness ■ More suited to the demands of milling processes ■ 8° Collet with pilot location ■ Superior gripping torque ■ Unique TiN bearing nut with finer threads for greater contact ■ Jet & Centre Coolant Options Available ■ Clamping Range: Ø3 ~ 12 mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON K/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Increased Milling Capability Stronger wall construction with fine threads for improved clamping and rigidity TiN Bearing Nut 8° taper collet for accuracy & gripping torque Pilot diameter for increased collet support during milling processes

Collet Concentricity (VCK)

Max run-out

At nose

At end


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