NIKKEN Product Overview

Enhanced Tooling

Major Dream Holder NIKKEN’s Major Dream System provides the optimum anti-vibration tool holder solution. Using NIKKEN’s revolutionary micro-dampening mechanism, it is suitable for both heavy-duty and high-speed machining.


The Ultimate Solution For Anti Vibration


■ Run-out guarantee 3µm at 4 x Diameter (with recommended ‘A’ type collet) ■ TiN Bearing Nut ■ Unique internal construction provides ‘built-in’ dampening and anti-vibration ■ 8º Collet System ■ Square Shoulder Pushing ■ High-speed options available up to 30,000rpm @ G2.5 ■ Jet & Centre Coolant Options Available ■ Clamping Range: Ø3 ~ 25.4mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Internal Dampening Mechanism

Collet Concentricity (SK)

Preloaded split internal taper cone

Belville type hardened disc springs

Max run-out

Collet type

Fully sealed construction

At nose

At end

TiN bearing nut with fine threads & SK Collet



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