NIKKEN Product Overview

Precision Tooling

Mini-Mini Chuck Our latest NIKKEN Mini-Mini Advanced Alpha Chuck is simply the most effective product for reduced diameter machining or components and applications where confined access or tight spaces can prove problematic.



FEATURES ■ Compact construction with no external nut ■ Improved internal drawbar & gear mechanism ■ Clamp/unclamp with single wrench ■ 8° Collet with pilot location ■ New HSK “AT” direct draw bar variant ■ Jet & Centre Coolant Options Available ■ Clamping Range: Ø1 ~ 12mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Latest Generation Alpha Clamping

Collet Concentricity (MPK, PMK, VMK)

Optimised materials and heat treatment process Smooth clamping/ unclamping from twin TiN bearing arrangement Superior support for draw bar gear with one piece construction Improved gear design for increased transmission efficiency

Max run-out

At nose

At end


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