NIKKEN Product Overview

Our History

NIKKEN Kosakusho Europe is a subsidiary of NIKKEN Kosakusho Works Limited, Japan, with principle activities covering the import and distribution of the complete NIKKEN product range. With operations across three continents, offices in over 70 countries and a 15,000 item strong product range, NIKKEN has earned and maintained a reputation globally for producing quality products.

Our people are at the heart of our operations. Our goal is the same where ever our team members may be: to uphold a unified standard of quality, performance and excellence in our products and to our customers.

NIKKEN Kosakusho are continually striving to improve technology through research and development, innovation and industry knowledge to ensure that our customers can compete and win in their demanding market sectors.

2014 Passing of NIKKEN Founder, CEO and President, Mr Matsumoto. Appointment of Mr Akiharu Nagahama as CEO & President.

2002 Launch of Ultra High Speed Tooling.

1997-9 Launch of Anniversary Milling Chuck and 3 Lock System. Opening of NIKKEN Euro Centre.

2018 Invention of NIKKEN I/O Conditio


2011 Launch of X-Treme Chuck Solutions.

Monitoring System.

2003-4 Launch of Major Dream and TiN Bearing Nut for Slim Chuck Anniversary Type VC Holder. Opening of NIKKEN Deutschland GmbH. and Daito Head Office and Factory.

1994-6 Launch of the NC5 Tooling System and the ZMAC Boring solution. Opening of NIKKEN China.

2021 Opening of NIKKEN Technical Centre Japan.

2015 NIKKEN Innovation Centre opens to provide innovative solutions to the manufacturing industry’s toughest problems.

2000 Launch of Jet Coolant series. Opening of NIKKEN Scandinavia.


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