NIKKEN Product Overview


Maintaining your equipment is critical for increasing machine productivity and reducing the risk of break downs which is why we have NIKKEN Service Centres and local Service Engineers across Europe. We’re proud to support over 20,000 customers from our Service Centres, each stocked with an extensive range of genuine OEM approved spares to ensure repairs are quickly resolved. As well as our Service Centre’s in the UK, France, Germany, Spain & Italy, we have a team of 20 dedicated Service Engineers ready to assist customers and perform all of our service options regardless of your location in Europe.



20 Service Engineers across Europe 5 Service Centre’s around Europe

How often should I service my NIKKEN Rotary Table/Tool Presetter? It is recommended that the rotary tables are serviced annually, but may require increased oil changes if running 24 hours a day.

serving all of Europe

Over 50,000 stocker spare parts Over 250 years combined experience Support over 25,000 Rotary Tables and Tool Presetters across Europe.

my units serviced? Maintained accuracy and repeatability, reduction of downtime, reduction of costly repairs, increased productivity and meeting of ISO quality standards. How long does a rotary table service take to complete? A rotary table service usually takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. This can vary slightly depending on whether the unit is a 4th or 5th axis and its general condition and prior service history. How long does a presetter calibration take to complete?

A typical presetter calibration usually takes 2-3 hours.

tolerances and includes all measurements taken during the calibration.


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