NIKKEN Product Overview

Machine Platforms

The NIKKEN Innovation Centre is home to an extensive range of CNC machine tools of varying forms. Given the range of formats, tapers and layouts, we aim to provide a representative machining platform no matter what the application. This enables our team of highly skilled engineers to take processes offline and run optimisation, proof-of-concept, and cutting trials, without affecting production environments. The suite of machines enables us to test the full range of NIKKEN products, and benchmark against other available solutions.

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NIKKEN are able to provide a complete range of innovative spindle tooling to optimise machine performance. All machining disciplines benefit from the additional rigidity and improved accuracy and repeatability delivered by our advanced range of spindle tooling. Capabilities are further enhanced with our range of universal and fixed angle heads that facilitate additional detail and features that would normally require further operations and resources. Advanced NC Tooling System

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