NIKKEN Product Overview

E46C, E46CA & E46CX

■ E46CA and E46CX models feature a patented automatic spindle rotation system with pneumatic motion transmission, enabling zero backlash and optimal speed control. This system allows software to measure tool dimensions with 360° spindle rotation, reducing operator intervention and minimizing errors. ■ The E46CX advances the powered spindle and autonomous axis positioning to full CNC capability. ■ The user-friendly interface allows operators to create measurement routines, set measurement points, cutting edges, theoretical values, and tolerances on one screen, facilitating quick optimization and data export. ■ E46CX offers fully automatic positioning of the vision system, precise control of the interchangeable spindle, autofocus for multiple cutting edges, and adaptive identification of geometric entities. ■ The system includes data processing functions and comprehensive analysis of all measurements and results. As with the B series presetters all spindle holders are interchangeable and are built to have an optimum level of repeatability. Without the use of adapters, the measurement becomes even more precise, as multiple coupling and the potential for build-up of error between different elements is negated. Furthermore, the E46C presetter series is equipped with the spindle holder identification system (SP-ID). The system allows the presetting machine to identify the spindle holder and suggests the correct machine origins, every time the spindle holder is exchanged. With a larger 21.5” HD touch screen for increased real estate the new E46C presetter series bring multiple advantages for significantly improving any production process. While the machine is carrying out a job, the operator, or the toolroom staff, can quickly and precisely pre-set the tools for the next job. The new AS371 optical scales allow for ultimate accuracy and precise performance. The development of this essential component is possible from over forty years of experience and know how in the field of measurement for the mechanical sector.


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