NIKKEN Product Overview

E46LA and NEW E68LA Autofocus

E46LAIS and NEW E68LAIS Auto focus ■ NEW electronics embedded with twin Operating Systems. ■ NEW operator interface through HD Twin Touch Screen system. ■ Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TP32 ‘360 Degree’ Tool Management system included as standard. ■ Elbo Controlli NIKKEN TiD included capability as standard. ■ E68LA IS presetter features NEW X and Z axis servo driven movement system. ■ E68LA IS presetter is CN Ready (future software update will provide fully automatic ‘CNC’ tool measurement).

■ Generate a DXF drawing. ■ Automatic search and measurement for single edged tools ■ Multi edged cutter acquisition cycle: automatic recognition and measurement of each single cutting edge detected during a complete revolution of the spindle ■ Acquisition of X, Z or both values with recognition of whether the measured values are out of tolerance ■ Absolute maximum measure search and capture with one complete fully automatic revolution of the spindle. ■ Results are quickly visualised in a graphical format for a quick consultation or print ■ Possibility to select single measurement for direct positioning on the selected cutter ■ DXF profile creation function: automatic rotation of the tool to memorise the geometry developed and built up during full spindle rotation to automatically


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