NIKKEN Product Overview

CNC Rotary Tables

NIKKEN I/O NIKKEN IO ensures your Rotary Table performs optimally, producing quality parts repeatably and reliably, as is expected with all NIKKEN products. With 24/7 monitoring and real-time performance data available at any time of the day, through either an app or desktop device, NIKKEN IO provides manufacturers with valuable data such as uptime, usage, 3 phase current and collision detection. Live notifications allow manufacturers the opportunity to quickly eliminate unnecessary costs produced from table neglect, collisions, power failures and more.

NIKKEN IO is ideal for manufacturers seeking a sustainable manufacturing process whilst alleviating machine downtime and scrap material.


1. Sensors inside the rotary table collect and process real-time data during usual production processes. 2. Key snapshots of information are uploaded to a centralised database for storage and further analysis. 3. The NIKKEN I/O web-based dashboard then provides rich, customisable data visuals with an at a glance flagging system, so you can ensure that your investments are performing at their optimal capability. 4. Scheduled alerts and updates can deliver up-to-date information directly into your mail inbox, highlighting any important information.


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Backlash classification, Tri-axial collision detection,


Usage duration,

3-phase current monitoring


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