NIKKEN Product Overview

Our Company Since 1958, NIKKEN solutions have been the power behind some of the world’s most demanding products, helping to improve productivity and increase competitiveness in some of the most challenging applications possible.

Our world-class solutions include: • Performance CNC Rotary Tables • High accuracy NC Tooling Solutions • Precision Tool Presetters • Intuitive Tool Management Solutions • Spindle Optimisation Solutions

Our range of high precision and durable solutions are favoured amongst high stature manufacturing environments covering aerospace, medical, oil and gas, motorsport, power engineering, and the mould and die sectors.

Our Commitment To Sustainability NIKKEN are committed to sustainable development from the core of our business. We believe that through careful consideration and development, meeting the needs of the present does not have to impact the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We aim to demonstrate our commitment through our actions, decisions, and products that we introduce to the market. Ultimately, our goal is to minimise our environmental impact and that of the manufacturing sector by ensuring that every NIKKEN solution and product that we supply offers ultimate longevity, performance, and durability. NIKKEN’s extensive product range, combined with technical expertise, training and after-sales service, come together to deliver a superior end-to-end experience that allows our customers the opportunity to successfully compete in the global marketplace. Visit our industry-leading Research and Development centre, the NIKKEN Innovation Centre Europe (NICe), based at the heart of Advanced Manufacturing in Rotherham, to witness first-hand the power of NIKKEN solutions or utilise our state of the art facilities/services.


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