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Optimisation Solutions

Zero Fit Holder When a machine tool has been in operation for 2~3 years, the run-out accuracy of the spindle can decline. The NIKKEN Zero Fit Holder allows correction of any such error back to the “as-new” run-out of 0.001~0.002mm. Without the Zero Fit Holder, typical run-out, particularly with extended length protrusions, can be in the region of 21 microns - when this is reduced to 3 microns, the tool life can be improved by approximately 5 times.


Tech Hub: Zero Fit Holder


■ 2 variants - Slim Chuck (SZF) and Multi-Lock (CZF) ■ Easy to use cam adjustment and locking system ■ Available with Single Cam or new Multi Cam design ■ Simple optimisation of extended length applications ■ Jet & Centre Coolant Options Available ■ Clamping Range CZF: Ø2 ~ 42mm ■ Clamping Range SZF: Ø0.7 ~ 25.4mm ■ Shank: BT/MBT/NBT/HSK/IT/NIT/POLYGON

Flange Mount Zero Fit Optimise prismatic work pieces with our Zero Fit solutions for direct mounting on Rotary Table face plates.

Multi Cam Adjust System Twin locking screws Balanced adjustment ring Fine Adjust Cam (x2) Master Cam


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